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Here's the Gist...

During your semester in Denver, you will:

Spend 24-28 hours each week at a Denver-area internship

Participate in two class sessions each week

Live in Community and participate in weekly community engagement exercises

You will learn about community development, careers in nonprofits, and how to better serve and empower the poor, the homeless, and the refugee. 

(You will also have quite a bit of fun, too!)



During your semester in Denver, you'll spend 24 to 28 hours per week at an internship. You will also meet weekly with a intern supervisor and mentor who specializes in your field of study. 

"My experience in a multi-cultural, inner-city Denver school has opened my eyes to the beauty of diversity, the heartache of poverty, and the passion to make a change in the heart of a city and teach kids to follow their passions."

-Kippen Larson-Gulsvig, Education Major


In the Denver Urban Semester, you will be placed in an internship with an urban ministry, school or nonprofit that serves Denver’s marginalized populations—in fields such as these:

  • Business and economics

  • Christian leadership/religious studies

  • Communications

  • Education (student teaching)

  • Entrepreneurial leadership

  • Human services

  • Nonprofit management

  • Pre-law and criminal justice

  • Psychology and sociology

  • Social work

  • Spanish interpretation

In the past, students have worked as interns or student teachers at organizations such as:

  • The Denver Rescue Mission

  • Sox's Place

  • The African Refugee Center

  • New Legacy Charter High School

  • Denver Public Schools

  • Presbyterian/St. Luke's Hospital

  • Hope House of Colorado



Click here to download a previous DUS syllabus:

During your semester in Denver, you will engage cutting-edge scholarship and tradition-bound spiritual disciplines. You will read and discuss texts dealing with social issues such as chronic homelessness, mass incarceration, immigration policy, police brutality, gentrification, critical race theory, and religious refugees.


You will also read conversion narratives, monastic sources and theological texts that will inform your spiritual practices and your vocational self-understanding. 

Depending on your major or your interests, you will enroll in one of three tracks


General Track

  • Urban Leadership (3 credits)

  • Urban Cross-Cultural Integration Seminar (2 or 4 credits)

  • Senior Seminar (4 credits, non-Northwestern College students only)

  • Internship (2 to 10 credits)

  • Online class options (3 to 6 credits)


Social Work Track

  • Social Work Professional Seminar (3 credits)

  • Urban Cross-Cultural Integration Seminar (2 or 4 credits)

  • Social Work Practicum (10 credits)


Education Track

  • Urban Cross-Cultural Integration Seminar (2 or 4 credits)

  • Student Teaching (4 to 16 credits)

  • Student Teaching Professional Seminar (1 to 2 credits)



During their stay in Denver, DUS students live in a communal setting, sharing common meals, living spaces, conversations, and chores. The DUS house is located in the heart of downtown Denver and is within steps of major bus and LightRail lines.


Students also participate together in weekly Community Engagement excursions. This gives students the chance to experience everything Denver has to offer--from urban farming to festivals, a thriving art scene to a growing refugee community--while reflecting critically on their experiences through weekly journal entries.

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